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Black Flag Pirates

The main collection and the foundation of the BFP Project. This is a 1100 pieces collaborative generative collection, which has 1100 unique pirates crafted by the first Ghost Captains: Anarchydrone, Ali Ergin, TheLeftHanded and Tunc Suerdas.


Black Flag Captains

"Black Flag Captains" are the captains of "Black Flag Pirates".

This is 50 piece 1/1 Collection
Created by 3 main and 5 guest artists.


Black Flag Feathers

"Black Flag Feathers" is another 1/1 Collection.

This collection is an expansion set of the Black Flag Pirates Project.


Black Flag Armada

"Black Flag Armada," is an expansion collection born from the BFP Project. This collaborative generative creation brings forth 1000 extraordinary pirate ships, crafted by the renowned Ghost Captains: Anarchydrone, Ali Ergin, and Tunc Suerdas. Embark on an exhilarating journey where every pirate enthusiast is invited to immerse themselves in the allure of adventure and independence. Unleash your inner captain as you navigate the vast expanse of the seven seas. Together, let us raise our black flags and set sail upon the winds of destiny!


Black Flag Parrots

"Black Flag Parrots", an inspiring expansion of the BFP Project. This fun collection comprises 333 exceptional pieces, brought to life through the collaboration of three artists: Tunc Suerdas, Ali Ergin & AnarchyDrone. Prepare to be enchanted as you dive into a world where vibrant colors and pirate spirits intertwine, giving life to hundreds of unique parrots. Each parrot in this generative collection possesses an individual character, embodying the essence of a Black Flag Pirate


Treasure Of The Seven Seas

This 333 pieces collection is the treasury of "Black Flag Pirates" that consists of 333 GoldenCoins. Each "Treasure of the Seven Seas" NFT is a valuable and rare artifact. GoldenCoins are the utility tokens of the BFP Project.

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